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We scour the back country roads of Maine in search of the finest reclaim pine in the country.  The tall pine timbers of northern New England has been one of it's most bountiful natural resources for centuries.  In Maine, the harvest of it's king pines even predate it's official statehood.  By the late 1950's numerous regulations had been put in place to combat the deforestation that had taken place.  Through conservation efforts there are currently more trees in Maine now than 100 years ago, unfortunately, the pine we see today is quick growth, soft, juvenile lumber with little character in it's grain. Like archaeologists of timber and tone we are constantly in search of barns and structures over a century old to reclaim the high quality old growth pine of our great grandparents generation.  With seemingly endless resonance and remarkable beauty, our reclaim series is among our most popular guitars.  Finishes are either natural or done in period correct limestone based milk paint.  Availability and stock are limited to what is currently on hand.  Please contact us for more information.