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Modern Rock

  • AWG 42
  • Alnico 5 rods
  • 6.8K DCR Neck
  • 7.5K DCR Bridge
  • Warm and pleasant cleans with enough output to drive tubes with ease. 

$100 Per Set

Both sets feature:

  • vintage correct vulcanized fiber work (grey bottom flatwork 0.093",black top flatwork 0.062")
  • 0.187" Alnico 5 vintage flush mount sand cast polepiece magnets with vintage bevel (inversed)
  • E: 0.630  A: 0.630  D: 0.630  G: 0.630  B: 0.630  E: 0.630
Pickup Tension Method

Over 45 after debuting as student/budget models, the Mustang, Duo Sonic and Musicmaster guitars have become very popular these days.  With reissues popping up all over the place the demand for accurate reproduction and high quality replacement pickups has never been larger. Cochlea Guitars is pleased to introduce our two new offerings to satisfy your requests.  The PreCB64 is a true to form reproduction of the originals while the Modern Rock set provides the output desired by guitarists turning it up to 11.   


  • AWG 42
  • Alnico 5 rods
  • 5.9K DCR Neck
  • 6.5K DCR Bridge
  • Accurate reproduction of the originals
  • *For replacement in short scale style