Modern Custom

  • 42 AWG
  • Alnico 5 rods
  • 8.5K DCR Bridge Pickup
  • 8K DCR Neck Pickup
  • Higher output take on the 58 with enough output to drive tubes.  
  • Perfect for a P90 alternative with a cleaner attack

Our Jazzmaster pickups feature vintage correct short wide coils with magnetic poles.  The wider and squat profile of these pickups provide the smoothness of a P90 with the clarity and attack of a Strat pickup. From year specific configurations to our Modern Custom series, Cochlea Guitars has a set made to match your desired tone.  


Cochlea Custom

  • 43 AWG
  • Alnico 3 rods in the Neck
  • Alnico 5 rods in the Bridge
  • 10K DCR Bridge pickup
  • 9.5K DCR Neck pickup
  • The sweet spot of a hotter overwound variation producing a complex tone with amazing response and harmonics

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Classic 58

  • 42 AWG
  • Alnico 5 rods
  • 7.8K DCR Bridge Pickup
  • 7.5K DCR Neck Pickup
  • Full, warm Jazzmaster tone with clarity and spank 
  • Authentic replacement to 1958 specification